Lekhraj Kirpalani, later known as Brahma Baba, with a group of young girls, the foundation of the now world wide organisation


Lekraj Kirpalani (1884-1969) founder of Brahmakumaris. A welthy jeweller, pictured here shortly before he gave up his business in the early 1940's.

         This site is supportive of Brahma Kumaris aims, while at the same time seeking to encourage leadership to build a more open relationship with its supporters.

           And we think that the public deserves straighter talk on the BKWSU websites than is currently provided: for instance appeals are made for funds on the Australian BK website++BKA FINANCIAL 2016 while  no mention is made on the website of the extremely controversial BKWSU core philosophy. +=BK LITE WEBSITE!


Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University presents to the world an audacious Descent of God story : a tale which has a fine if highly contentious logic about it, and draws on a reality founded in Indian mythology, or Indian reality depending on your point of view.

             BKWSU core belief is that the  incorporeal God of all Religions speaks to them exclusively and directly (though the three decade process of BK acquiring that understanding is disputed by BK historian  Dr Wendy Sargent and others). This  belief is, of course, either dismissively outrageous, or the most important event in world historyhistory being understood by Brahma Kumaris as a 5,000 year ever repeating cycle. It is appropriate that the world should be accurately informed about the how and why of this momentous event : especially as God continues to speak to His children, by implication all of humanity, from the Brahmakumaris ashram in Rajasthan,India.

We will do our best to bring  clarity to some contentious issues, drawing on original BKWSU documents, almost hidden from followers for half a century, and  reevaluating BKWSU's own publications and statements. Note that BK's generally refer to God as Shiva, or Shiv Baba, though for many years adherents considered BKWSU founder Lekraj Kripalani,  known as Prajapati God Brahma from 1937-1960, and then  to be The One True God.


Brahmakumaris, always a controversial organisation, with an audacious philosophy, has been in existence since the late1930's.

The organisation has  expanded rapidly in India, with more than 800,000 adherents. And in over 100 countries outside India BKWSU has a presence, and a few thousand students, as well as VIP supporters in politics, business, religion and the arts. BKWSU is an NGO, affiliated with ECOSOC at the United Nations. Many people, including ourselves, have gained much from our asssociation with the group : others have suffered. We feel the institution now needs to deeply  look at itself  'from the inside out', because, lIke any heirarchical organisation, after a time the balance of Power and Deference begins to play out in less than positive ways. Especially we feel, since the passing of Dadi Prakashmani 


For the BKs, there is a clear rationale in their beliefs, as God  resolves mysteries, or so it is believed, that have puzzled the world for some 2500 years. He descends, speaking through a human 'chariot' and gives us the impetus and means to transform our lives, and so the world. He (sic) comes  toward the end of every Time Cycle to do this very thing, which is why He has been remembered as the creator, well re-creator we would say, telling His children how to bring the world back to its original 'Heaven on Earth' condition of myth, from the present 'Hell on Earth', through 'remembrance' or 'yoga' with Him. This process is considered by BKWSU to be only path to transform negative human traits, and  BK souls will become SuperPureSouls, able to transform a dark and divided world into a SuperPure World : The Garden of Eden, expected to follow an often predicted, and still soon expected, Huge World Destruction, as the eternal time cycle continues its progression from order into chaos and back again through its 5,000 year period (see BKWSU graphic below). 

As a long time BK stakeholder, who has supported Brahmakumaris for many years, I have launched this site to bring you, as best I can, something of the deeper reality of the strangely fascinating Brahmakumaris tale, including its all important foundational Karachi story, as well some of the less attractive sides of the organisation which remain hidden from its followers who donate large amounts money to the religion. We will also share aspects of our own experience.

Topics  that we  engage with are on the side menu, and we  add to them frequently.

 The late BK Dr Wendy Sargent+DR WENDY SARGENT, appointed by management, who hoped she would give the fake tale an acceptable gloss,  was forthright in her criticism of the fictional backstory  in her (unreleased) 2010 Report to BK Leadership:

'The actual story is quite different. Sensitivity to criticism of the  Brahma Kumaris need not cause us to water down the story and make it seem much less than it is'.

We agree friends...🙂


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Time is a 5,000 Year Cycle which endlessly and identically repeats : BKWSU

gavin healy 19.09.2018 11:29

Future time is possibilities and probabilities visit with a stargate or the to past chronovision or plasma confinement .You can visit but you cannot change past

Gavin Healy 19.09.2018 11:24

Time goes in a straight line but time has many time lines (about 300 km long if joined up),Time can be seen in the past and future and you can visit both

Cher 27.10.2015 09:48

Om Shanti

As it should be Divine Sisters and Brothers

No matter what

Forever in Gods service

Radha Hunt 07.03.2015 23:31

Thank you and appreciate your efforts in trying to initiate openness within the BK administration.

loretta 03.04.2014 19:24

thank you

Tony. 01.02.2014 12:16

Brahma Kumaris teachings on the Cycle are incomeplete without Saturns role in the Golden Age being explained and its influence on everything that followed.

MABK INFO 10.08.2018 07:07

Hey Tony...tell us more!

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18.07 | 05:20

dadi prakashmani was a great leader and one of babas favourite students baba use to take her name in sakar murli as an example. Baba used to call her kumarika.

18.07 | 05:16

baba uses destruction word so that brahmins do teevra purusharth

18.07 | 05:11

in murli baba has said sangamyug is 100years baba talks about destructrion so that brahmins purusharth can take lift.babas words are kalyankari

14.06 | 22:39

Goodonya Robin.