Sister Jayanti is much admired for her talks. She is one of six Indian born ' world region coordinators', each of whom  is the unquestioned authority responsible for BK service in their designated regions:  the americas, asia/pacific, russia/ics, europe, the middle east, africa.

In a recent sakar murli, that is God speaking, as per BL core belief, the Lord reminded us of the great importance of the Knowledge contained in the Brahmakumaris Course Pictures...included in the reference would be the Ladder picture of 1966 (above), expressing the belief that destruction will happen within 10 years. The Ladder also tells us that Confluence Age lasts for 40 years, that is 1937-1976, another apparent confirmation' that destruction would begin in 1976 (Plus there is the beautiful Lakshmi and Narayan picture , also predicting 1976 as 'the year'). 

On www.aboutbrahmakumaris.org Sr Jayanti tells us that this prediction on the Ladder was 'added by someone... I don't know who'. However it is clearly integral to this poster created with the founder's authority. Further Dada Vishwa Rattan in his book' A Unique Experience' discussing his role as the painter of the BK Ladder says:

' I began work and Baba suggested corrections and additions every day.The picture of the Ladder looked very good and Baba used to say that everyone should possess this picture."

Brother Nirwair, who introduces Vishwa Rattan's book, has also spoken of Baba's attention to the detail of the picture. Further the 1966 Lakshmi and Narayan poster LAKSHI NARAYAN also endorses 1976 as the 'destruction' date...as does the official Brahma Kumaris publication 'World Renewal'"THE WORLD RENEWAL"   

NOTE: Informed of the unlikelihood of someone unkown tampering with the Ladder picture, given the evidence,Sister Jayanti has changed her reference to the Lakshmi and Narayan picture, rather than the Ladder : also with no evidence that this occurred! (October 2014)

It is surely disingenuous of leadership to continue claiming that God did not predict destruction in 1976, and for 10 years prior, for whatever reason He may have had.

Though the late BK Dr Wendy Sagent in her 2010 Report to leadership observes :

'Habits of Hindu culture also led to some inaccuracies in the history. In India, I was told, especially when talking about a religious or saintly topic it is inappropriate to talk of bad or negative events. The academic mindset is that it is necessary to mention both the good and the bad, in order to get a balanced view of what was taking place'.

BK leadership continues to deny God's predictions of destruction, censoring ( 'revising') the murlis, of these and other references which they would prefer G O D not to have spoken.

However, quotes from uncensored murlis ( God's word) that 'Destruction will happen in 1976' include:

21/1/69 - 'Seven or eight years remain for Destruction.'

25/10/69 - 'The plan has been made for 7 years.what will you do if Destruction takes place before that? If destruction starts after 5 years then? The date of Destruction is for changing the world, it was not given as the date for your changing'.

05/11/70 – ‘From this journey, it is 5 years for Destruction’.

03/02/71 – ‘Within 5 years, the whole work should be completed’.

 09/09/72 – ‘Even those who are rich, even they live hardly for 3-4 years more’.

 04/02/74 – ‘From 10 years (of the declaration), only 2 years are left. Soon Kaliyug has come to an end. The drama is certain’.

09/11/74 – ‘Rest, 2 years is left over. Don't think that it will become 3 years. It may become one year but it can never become 3 years.’


Anne-Maree 04.02.2016 12:02

I find this interesting. When last in Madhuban I tried to get a copy of 1976 murlis to gain insight into the motivation behind This-no copies available

MABK INFO 05.02.2016 01:41

Hi A-M...Unfirtunately nt as you say and any murlis 1966-76 have been heavily redacted. more references on the site incl ADI DEV:WHAT? may be of interest.

HARDEEP SINGH 31.03.2015 05:17


Shout _it_Out 17.01.2015 21:15

Our current Senior Sisters and the BK administration are clearly heading for lesser godly positions than they'd have us think.

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dadi prakashmani was a great leader and one of babas favourite students baba use to take her name in sakar murli as an example. Baba used to call her kumarika.

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baba uses destruction word so that brahmins do teevra purusharth

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in murli baba has said sangamyug is 100years baba talks about destructrion so that brahmins purusharth can take lift.babas words are kalyankari

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Goodonya Robin.