Om Radhe at Hyderabad Magistrate Court 1939

Ecstatic Trance, Courts, Uproar and Confusion

aboutbk writes:"A document about  the establishment of the Brahma Kumaris more than 70 years ago was published recently, amidst claims that it proved a lack of morality in Dada Lekhraj, the organisation’s founder".*ECSTATIC TRANCE.... 

 Firstly, Brahmakumaris  invented a spurious foundation for  the group's years in Karachi 1934-1951, in the book 'Adi Dev' by BKWSU official spokesman Jagdish Chander. The matter became generally known in 2007, after discoveries of original BK documents in the British Library.

In the 'early days' attending women, children, and the few men sitting at the Mandli satsang would have ecstatic trance experiences : some for days on end, some quite rowdy. They would have visions of Dada Lekraj as Krishna, as themselves dancing as Krishna's Gopies, and of being Empresses  in the 'Golden Age' of Hindu history/mythology, which they believed was about to dawn once more. Dada Lekhraj appeared to have had little idea of quite what was happening and sought to deal with the situation as it unfolded: a period dominated by mind-altering  trance experiences. We are not sure if documents actually 'proved a lack of morality ' in Bhai lekhraj in 1937, but some clarity would be useful from BK leadership about Om Radhe's statements in Court below (1939), which led to action being taken by the government of the day.

 The interview is taken from the book 'Reply to Is This Justice', and is not disputed by Brahmakumaris.

Q: Has Lekhraj ever made you sit in his lap?

A: I do not remember this. But I do not consider it objectionable to sit in his lap because I consider him as a spiritual father and superior to the usual father owing to his leading me from hell to heaven.

Q: Does Dada Lekhraj embrace girls?

A: Yes he does so as a spiritual Father should embrace his children, because he considers all female inmates of the Om Mandli, whether children or adults, as his own daughters (Balkies).

Q: Do you consider it objectionable, or a sin, while teaching Braham Vidya, that Dada Lekhraj embraces the persons to whomhe imparts Braham Vidya?

A: We do not consider it objectionable nor a sin, as we all inmates of Om Mandli do no evil.

Q: Does Dada Lekhraj kiss girls while giving Gian?

A: He does so because he does it as Gian Father.

Q: Has he kissed you in Gian?

A: Yes he has kissed me several times as a spiritual Father.

Q: Does Gian increase because of kissing and embracing by Dada Lekhraj?

A: This kissing and embracing has nothing to do with Gian, because he kisses as a Father would kiss his daughter.

Q: Do other males also kiss and embrace girls while getting Gian?

A: No other males do so as this is the privilege of Dada Lekhraj as he is Gian Father to all.

Q: Does Dada Lekhraj treat his daughter and daughter-in-law differently from other girls in the matter of kissing and


A: He loves them as he loves other girls but I have not seen whether he embraces and kisses them also.

Q: Do you all sit without any objection on his bed?

A: Yes, we do as we have no objection.

A: Yes.

Q: Is Dada Lekhraj above sin because he is a Gian Father?

A: Yes he does no sin being Gian Father nor can he do any sin as he believes he is "AHAM BRAHAM ASMI" and above sin.

Q: Has Dada Lekhraj reached that stage of spirituality that whatever he does cannot be a sin?

A: Lord Krishina knew that he was Braham after self-realization and hence was above sin. Similarly Dada Lekhraj also

considers himself as Braham and above sin and can commit no sin, like Lord Krishina.

know this.

Q: At what age children are admitted into Om Mandli?

A: At the age of 5 Years. There are many children of that Age as Members of Om Mandli.

Q: Do girls fall in trance in Om Mandli?

A: Yes they do fall in trance and see visions of God in that trance as Arjan had seen visions of God.

Q: Do girls of tender age fall into such a trance?

A: Yes.

Q: Do adults also fall in such a trance?

A: Yes all males and females do fall in such a trance

Note : The original and beautiful Om Mandli/ Brahmakumaris  posters, as well as documents, letters and memorabilia are  available for download at 



Yes, as aboutbk says, the British judges quite properly threw out the case against the Mandli, who were under pressure from panchayats (town councils) all over Sindh province, fearful of the Om Mandli precedent, and its implications for Sindh culture. Sadhu Vaswani, the highly respected religious leader, spoke out against the Mandli, and led a satyagraha against the Mandli. (Though the Vaswani website claims the the satyagraha was against the British)  However ,the complainants had  no chance of winning the case under Section 107 of the Criminal Proceedure Code. Said the judge 'the provisions of the CPC/107 are not appropriate for this purpose'. However, he did guide  them to The Guardian and Wards Act, and the Civil Proceedure Code. The anti Om Mandli group, largely men used to getting there own way, chose not to go this route.

The 'anti 'Om Mandli' book referenced was given officially to BK admin in 2010. Though no doubt BK admin had a copy prior. The book has not been released to or discussed with the wider BK community, in keeping with BK admin practise of not discussing the actual 'descent of God' history, or releasing historical documents. The book 'Adi Dev' is still  distributed worldwide from BK publications in London, and from the BK ashram in India. The book's distortions  are quoted at length by academics and writers, unaware of the true tale.



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baba uses destruction word so that brahmins do teevra purusharth

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