Poster for the film made in India by the Imperial Film company in 1933. Murli claims that the film led the founder into marriage seem untrue.. .


     In the murli of June 27 2014, Baba tells how how he went to see the film 'Saubhagya Sundari', which led to thoughts of marrying and 'this and that'. However, a quick Google search tells that the movie was made in 1933, by which time Mr Kripalani had sired a large family! (We understand that Baba married in 1900/01 when he was 16/17. As per custom of the time his bride was much younger).

To quote from the murli : 'He used to say: There is so much sorrow in this world. If only I could get ten thousand rupees, I would then be able to get fifty rupees interest and that would be enough to allow me to remain free. It is very difficult to look after a home and business.

Achcha! Then Baba saw a film called Saubhagya Sundri (The fortunate, beautiful woman) and then all the previous thoughts of disinterest were lost. He began to have thoughts of marrying and doing this and that. Maya slapped him just once and everything was lost. Therefore, the Father now says: This world is the depths of hell and, within this, those films and the cinema are also depths of hell." - 27.06.2014

BK leadership repeat this murli's apparent fiction as a cautionary tale for students of the university, referring to all films as  'sinema'.However,dedicated BK sisters manage to sneak off to the movies from time to time, often referred to as 'going to the dentist'.🙂🙂

Radha 21.11.2019 01:45

MABK INFO 21.11.2015 07:38

Well Sam its just one of those apparent anomalies which are spread through the murlis: many redacted, others not.

sam 21.11.2015 07:19

The movie was made in 1933. At that time, baba already had a large family. What is the relation with/impact on Brahma baba of this movie?????

A Dear Friend 27.04.2015 03:10

More about Saubhagya Sundari Drama from the publication
A Comparative Study of Three Dukhdarshak Natak.

MABK INFO 27.04.2015 04:30

hello dear friend: great research.I look fwd to following...

A Dear Friend 27.04.2015 02:55

Very interesting in deed. It may be worth mentioning that Saubhagya Sundari Drama is a theatrical piece which started in 1901(heroine was Jayshanker Sundari)

viggo simonsen 05.07.2021 10:35

Baba may not have made any major distinction here. After all, early movies did not have much cinematography. They were largely recorded theater performances

viggo simonsen 04.07.2021 20:14

That makes much more sense then
Baba must have referred to a theater performance in 1901, which then fits the year of his marriage perfectly.

MABK INFO 21.11.2015 23:57

Ah! However theatre doesn't get demonised in the murlis, and it was the film, the demon moving image, that we are told brought about BB's downfall

Sam McNally 13.10.2014 09:55

Funny-yet-significant, Robin. Puts a different spin on things when one understands an issue was so "personalized".

Dunc 14.08.2014 09:53

I remember that very Murli read the 80's. Sinema indeed. facts turn into myths and eventually become legend.

Dunc 18.01.2015 01:45

yes thats it. perhaps I should have said, " somewhere between the fact and the myth lies someones imagination". ;)

Shiv_of_Shakti 17.01.2015 19:17

Dunc, I think you mean myths turn into legends and eventually become facts, but your point is made. These funny, little old women have been outperforming us.

Tony McCann 30.06.2014 01:10

Good detective work Robin.
You are doing great work.
In no way are you one of the Sheep.
Few are looking closely at those murli's
Keep digging.

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dadi prakashmani was a great leader and one of babas favourite students baba use to take her name in sakar murli as an example. Baba used to call her kumarika.

18.07 | 05:16

baba uses destruction word so that brahmins do teevra purusharth

18.07 | 05:11

in murli baba has said sangamyug is 100years baba talks about destructrion so that brahmins purusharth can take lift.babas words are kalyankari

14.06 | 22:39

Goodonya Robin.