This is the little landscaped forest of 200 trees, and hundreds of shrubs and hedges, in Tapovan near the river, where I go every day to sit quietly and wander: more pics below.


The Herbal Zone is a garden of medicinal herbs being created in Tapovan. See the slideshow for pics, and more pics below...

                  So I am here in the BK ashram in Rajasthan.  I happily read the daily  murli on my computer with a chai in hand, sitting in a little garden watching the sun rise over the Aravali Mountains. 

                   In the afternoons I go to Tapovan, and spend hours in the little forest near the river, sharing a lemongrass tea with the Tapovan brothers,wandering through the orchards, the grape vines and castor oil plants. And I walk along the path around the almost finished 'Herbal Garden', and its mud brick sannyasi domes for solo meditation. And I talk to 'Rokki', the old and gentle dog who knows the best places to find comfort and ease in his last years. Then there's the matter of eating  vegan : soy milk is made every few days on site in Talheti, praise the Lord. 

                  I went up the mountain the other day to the original ashram 'Pandav Bhawan', did some recording at Gyansarovar Videos,  had coffee and flute with subtle muso Dave in the Art department, and now I am going south to Pondicherry, and some days at the Auroville community there...bye for now to all..

Footnote: To maintain the ashram thousands of locals are employed as tradespeople, artisans and cleaners. The cost is IR 60,00,000 per month I am reliably informed. That's $140,000 a month going into the local economy!

#gyansarovar videos

Brothers planting in the herbal garden at Tapovan
The herbal path gives a foot massage as you walk along.
The gate into the cool green Tapovan forest
Lemongrass tea and Ganesha...
Girls go home to their village after gardening


The writer alive on stage at Dadis Big Show reminiscing to the 10,000 visitors from all over India
Tapovan orchard growing in the shadow of the Aravali Range, Raj
Dogs roam the streets and are ill regarded generally: but 'Rokki' relaxes at Tapovan 05.11.2018 02:44

I thought to read of your karma yoga - kitchen, cleaning the ablutions, relentless gardening for Baba and unrelenting study and bhatti bottom? Whencefore notso? 08.11.2018 22:37

You are missing the rigor of karma yoga on your visit. Have you hidden from the Seniors to have such a relaxed time? Waaaaah!

MABK INFO 05.11.2018 03:34

Flagellator... good gracious.. a farrago of oddness: can you translate?

MABK INFO 20.09.2018 08:55

Animal Aid Udaipur: congratulations to all!

Shudra Das 29.02.2016 16:57

Ah, Rokki! Let's hear it for the ancient & noble Indian Pariah Dog (15,000 years old) ... we pariahs have to stick together and support each other.

Das 29.02.2016 16:59

Better another dogman in India, than another godman

May I just plug Animal Aid Udaipur's wonderful work of dogly transformation?

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dadi prakashmani was a great leader and one of babas favourite students baba use to take her name in sakar murli as an example. Baba used to call her kumarika.

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baba uses destruction word so that brahmins do teevra purusharth

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